My week in pictures #1

Sunday, January 27

(from top left) 1. All this rain has made my boots really muddy; hope they will clean up okay. 2. Finally sent away my thank you cards; made them on new years eve. 3. The snow/sleet has been the perfect weather for my new hat (river island) 4. At last finished my issues essay for geography. 5. My make up perfect before a party on friday (i usually don't wear any) 6. Jemma's birthday present; I got her jewelry and made a collage of photos.

Had a really busy week. It feels like school work never ends with the prelims coming up and the pressure of getting into university. Simple tasks got pushed to the side like tiding my room and writing thank you cards. I also got to wear the hat I bought in river island last weekend. The week has a prefect end going to my best friends 17th! It's only 52 days until I am 18!

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