My Week in Pictures #2

Sunday, February 3

(From top left) Photo collage I made for my walls. I've started knitting an outfit for 'fish and chip babies' for a charity I am involved in. vegetable soup I made, this picture doesn't make it look as good as it tasted. Life seems to be just permanent revision and schoolwork at the moment. Also my UCAS things are parentally on my desk incase I get an email (so nervous) and this is my yearbook picture, cute...?

I’ve not done much this week apart from study. One bit of good news came in the form of an unconditional from the university of the west of Scotland. Not where I had hoped to go but it’s a back up plan, right? Managed to get out yesterday in the sun to take some photos of trees. I think I got some good shots, which will add to my photography project. My friends never seem to want to go out anymore so have been stuck in the house yet again, hopefully next weekend when my first friend turns 18!!! It is also only 45 days until my birthday.

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