Birthday Presents

Friday, March 29

Finally got around to a bit of blogging! I have been 18 for a whole week and one day but I have been so busy with school work to post anything however i dedicate this post to all the lovely birthday presents i received! I had a really good party at home on saturday night- most of my friends are still underagers so there would have been little point going to the pubs. I can hardly remember some of the night thought sadly sadly! I do however have outfit posts to follow! I have two weeks off school to catch up on revision and SLEEP which is exciting. Hope you have a good weekend! 

 A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without soap and glory would it? I was actually going to buy the smoothie body milk for my self so thats a bonus! Absolutely love them.
Not sure that the picture does justice to the size of this thing!! It is huge. I have been refraining from opening it because once opened i cannot stop myself from consuming it in a oner!

Another gift from my QVC loving aunty! I actually really like butler and wilson although i find some of their pieces a bit bold and glitzy for me but this little neckless is perfect!

Oh no not more chocolate!

Look at all this booze I now have stored!! I have never really been into rose before but I have three bottles so I better get into it! Also LOVE ginger beer. Guilty pleasure.

I don't wear a lot of jewelry but these ones are very pretty and simple which suits me! Can't wait till i can wear them- sadly tugged my ears getting undressed last week and my ears have been to sore to wear earrings since.

Its hard to take pictures of something so long but it is such a pretty photo frame!! Love having photos stuck onto my walls. Very cute bracelet and the skittles candles smell AMAZING!!!

Claire bought me these nail polishes because they thought they were 'my colours' not so sure i agree but i love having lots of variety to choose from!

Yay more candles and smelly things to decorate my room! Love them. Also a bottle of malibu which I've never had but it pretty good! Sadly found its half empty though. Wouldn't blame my friends but i can't remember drinking it! 

I own hundreds of scarfs (No exaggeration) but i don't have a snood and this one goes nicely with my school jumper. Also some nice beads to go with the whole monochrome trend.

Totally love these photo frames too! They are super cute and just pin to your wall. Nice idea.

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