My Week In Pictures #8

Sunday, March 17

My face on saturday. My new flip flops- all ready for summer. Hotel is booked for prom. My prom ticket. A shirt mum bought me on ebay- so kind. My shopping purchases. 

Had a really busy week and I am getting more and more excited for my birthday on Thursday!! As you can see I have been getting a few more things recently because I have been saving up and thought I could treat myself. Another thing that I am getting excited about is prom! It is still 94 days away but now I have my ticket, the hotel room is booked and I have a possible dress. Always something to keep me going through the exams. 

Yesterday mum and I went through to Perth to see my aunty and had a nice girly day! Sadly I was feeling really tight fisted so didn't but a few things I liked. I did however get new ADULT hangers in Primark, which I badly needed because my size 12 clothes all falling off the children's hangers in my wardrobe. I also got this Bra for £1?? I think something might have gone wrong at the tills but still an amazing buy. Also the body shop has a sale on and all their body butters are on sale!! After smelling all of them, more than once I opted for lemon. 

I am going to have a crazy busy week with a show, the rehearsals, my birthday and two parties but I will try to keep blogging. Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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