My Week In Pictures #7

Sunday, March 10

Olympic 50p, My cake for mothers day, My mothers day card, New company magazine, New H&M catalog, My prom dress, A new skater skirt, Snowy garden and my stand up to cancer ticket.

It feel like its been a crazy week!! Hardly had any time to post however I'm not really sure what I have been doing. I went to a show on friday to see some of my friends perform which was really good because I hardly ever get to see shows because I am normally in them. Had a lazy mothers day at home and I baked a cake to contribute to the evening meal. Woke up late and was shocked to see all the snow. Sorry for the really bad picture but I left it too late to take a photo and the sun was going down. Bought the most pretty dress on saturday but I think I will save it until prom in June it's too nice to wear out. Also bought this skirt in newlook, just what I had been looking for and a really good price in the sale. I know I'm incredibly sad but I am collecting olympic 50p and found this one this week so I was pretty excited. Hope you have had a good week too.

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