Peachy Pink

Friday, March 15

I Hardly ever wear make up from day to day- my skin is far from perfect and I would just look fake if I tried to cover it up. However, when I go out to parties I do wear some. Mostly because I hate looking back at photos where my skin is all red and marked. A few years ago now my aunty bought me a 'bare minerals' starter kit and I fell in love at once!! I always feel like if I use liquid foundation I will look like a clown so this is perfect for me. I might do a post about it later because I have so much to say but here I am wearing 'bare minerals foundation' in light (their lightest one), mineral vail and warmth (there version of bronzer which gives me a healthy glow).

Dress- She Likes Clothing. Tights- Tesco. Shoes- M&S
Every time I am going out I always think of the latest trends and new outfits I could buy but the event gets closer and closer and when it arrives I've still not picked out anything to wear so I have no choice but to choose one of my trusty dresses from my wardrobe. I bought this one from 'She Likes' clothing last year for my birthday party and I love it. it feels so good on because it is very soft and stretchy. I took the photos a while ago and haven't had time to blog them before now. As per usual the weather wasn't warm enough to go without tights so my favorite wooly tights are back. 

Booked out prom room this week which is very exciting and the count down can begin (96 days). I also turn 18 next week which is extremely exciting!! Looking forward to this weekend and the coming week. What are you doing?

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