My Week In Pictures #11

Thursday, April 18

(from top left) A little selfie of me and my cousin on holiday- you can tell we have been outside all day. On sunday we went to visit a garden and had very yummy home made cakes. A view of the loch from our walk. My tea on Friday night- I love yorkshire puddings. Make up which came with my company subscription- not tried it yet but I am loving the artwork. My outfit for tea on friday.

(from top left) Went shopping last friday. A few things I bought in Primark- essential things and new sun glasses since the sun has come out again. The polar bear from the highland wildlife park. My new skirt- finally found it in Newlook inverness in my size. A cheeky wee selfie. A cairngorm white lady (pancakes and ice cream) which was AMAZING
Wow! I cannot believe how crazily fast this week has passed. I was meaning to post this on monday night but I have been so busy in my first week back that it had to be put for a wee while. This week has been a bit hectic with late prelims and sorting out a place at uni- HELP! I totally bombed my chemistry prelim today, felt awful in the morning and everything I knew disappeared from my head. It only makes justifying wanting to do it at uni harder. In well need of some sleep though this weekend and start to plan my outfit for the S6 leavers party. Its fancy dress with a movie theme but I can't think of anything. Any suggestions.

I would greatly appreciate if you guys could also follow my blog here on bloglovin' and if you don't have an account why not? Its a great site for keeping track of all the blogs you love and I love to check out who looks at my blog to. Always interested in what you guys have been up to. 

Love Claire xxx

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