My Week In Pictures #12

Sunday, April 21

(from top left) Made chocolate brownies on saturday. Picked up fame in pound land!! Spent this morning organizing my geography project. Our leavers hoodies have arrived!! Organized my jewellery this weekend. I have loads and loads  of it. Feeling like a weirdo.
 Not going to be a long post because I have hardly done anything this week. Entering my last few weeks at school which is both scary and exciting. It also means I have alot of deadlines coming up so most of my time is spent doing project work. Also have a few parties lined up to which is always something to look forward too. I mentioned in my last post (I think) about going to be movie themed fancy dress party and finally came up with an idea last night- what about Merida from the film Brave!? She is ginger to which is a bonus. Hope you have all had a good weekend and I would greatly appreciate if you guys could also follow my blog here on bloglovin'

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