My Week In Pictures #13

Sunday, April 28

(From top left) The book i've been reading for the past week 'I captured the castle'. My Frank Turner CD to add to my T in the park music collection. Sent away my advanced higher project on Tuesday. My new phone case. Going out to my friends fundraising show on wednesday and the ticket for the show.

I would say this week has been quite uneventful because I can't think of anything exciting that has happened. Have been to rehearsals for grease twice this week and revising a little bit. I got an A in my physics prelim, which for me is AMAZING. Got a little break going to see my very talented friends in a show on Wednesday night. 

This is my last seven days at the Academy and a busy week too. Going to Roo's leap (our local Australian restaurant) on Wednesday with my physics class and on Friday with sixth year. I have grease rehearsals on Monday and Friday, which will be tiring. Yesterday I got really really thrilling news. My friend has got us tickets to see the Glasgow sevens on Saturday- I love rugby so much and it was an amazing surprise! Then we are rushing back to go the leavers party at night- I hate having to rush to get ready; especially curling my hair to be Merida in a hurry won't be easy! I have a few outfit posts lined up for this week also I know I’ve asked before but I would greatly appreciate if you guys could also follow my blog here on bloglovin'

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