It's Show Time

Saturday, May 4

Jumper: Primark Top: Primark Skirt: River Island Scarf: River Island Jacket: Brave Soul Shoes: Tesco
Can you tell I've been trying something new? I would love to know what you guys think of my outdoor outfit pictures. My dad didn't really understand what I was doing in the garden. This outfit was rather thrown together quickly because I had been sitting in bed to long and was close to missing the bus. I'm thinking about throwing out/selling this skirt because it might be getting a bit to small sadly. I never used to tuck tops into skirts but now I've started I can't stop. 

Thats me finished with school now! Will be in a few more times for exams and project work and then thats it. Slightly scary especially since I don't have a place at university. It will also be a huge test on friendships. Super busy weekend though so I won't have alot of time to think about it. Going to Glasgow tomorrow to see the rugby and then rushing home to go to a leavers party at night. I will have to curl my hair to be like Merida in an hour!! Hope you all have a good weekend and I would greatly appreciate if you guys could also follow my blog here on bloglovin'

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