My Week In Pictures #14

Sunday, May 5

(From Top Left) Pajama day at school on wednesday. Chicken burger at Roo's Leap. Glasgow 7's wrist band. OAP day at school on thursday. Chav day at school on Tuesday. Curling my hair to go out last night. My last day of school. Going to the rugby on saturday. Going out for tea on Wednesday. 
Wow, this post seems to be filled with selfies... Sorry guys. We have had such a fun week at school (a post will follow). So now I am done with school. Will be in for a few more days to finish projects and things and my exams and thats it!! Had the best weekend. Went to Glasgow to watch the sevens rugby which was loads of fun and I got to spend time with someone who means alot to me. Also went out at night. Had way to much to drink as usual but we had a really good time. Hangover free today but the music was so loud last night we has to shout and my throat is killing me. Hope you had a good weekend too. 

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