My Week In Pictures #16

Sunday, May 19

(From top left) My dog begging for some scraps, We tried on our costumes for grease this week, Painted my nails a barbie pink and glittered them, Going out on thursday, Baked biscuits today, Our tickets for 'Guys n' Dolls)
Must say I am feeling quite proud at the amount of studying I have managed to complete this week. I only had one cheeky wee skive into town to see a friend once. I have another clear week before my exams start so hopefully I will be able to do plenty more revision. 

On Thursday mum and I went to see 'Guys and Dolls' in town. Some of my song shop friends were in it and it was really really good. Love going to see a musical- especially ones I've not seen before. It was nice to go somewhere just me and mum too. 

Last summer these birds built a nest in the corner of my window and I saw them again today. They are back! I hate not being able to open my window in summer so I decided to open it wide today to stop them building a new nest but mum is really upset about me scaring them away. I don't know what to do now. My Uncle and Aunty came to visit today so I decided to bake biscuits for them. We have sat and talked all afternoon which was really nice. We've not seen them in ages.

My photography images are due in tomorrow so I better go and edit them now. Hope you all had a good weekend!!

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