Leopard Prints and Skater Skirts

Thursday, May 16

Shirt: River Island Skirt: New Look Heels: New Look
You have been invited to so and so's eighteen birthday party! My first thought is always 'what am I going to wear?' Something that men will never understand is you can't wear the same thing twice- especially on consecutive weekends. I am very glad I have saved this skirt (for weeks and weeks) to wear out for the first time last weekend. I love it. Also love this shirt and after a little bit of customizing (the sleeves were totally open!?) I was all ready to go. This top is perfect for that transition between warm weather and the freezing winds of winter because it is covered up but the sheer material makes it breathable and airy.  

My legs however are not ready for summer. I refuse to fake tan because it would look stupid and fake with my hair but how horrible do they look. I am so clumsy and you can see the many bruises and scrapes from where I talk into things or fall down the stairs. Anyone else have this problem?

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