My Week In Pictures #17

Sunday, May 26

(From top left) Bakewell tarts made yesterday, Birds nest at my bedroom window, Watched the girl with the dragon tattoo on friday night, My newly added outfit pictures to my fashion book, Hail stones on the car, Off to rehearsals on monday night, Bought the prettiest western style shirt, Addicted to smoothies at the moment- this one is peach, orange and banana.
This has been an extremly crazy week weather wise. On wednesday we had hail/sleet and the past two days I've been able to revise in the garden and now I am all sunburnt. Oops! My first exam is tomorrow and I actually feel prepared. Will be a busy week of revision though because I have another exam on thursday and friday then finally I will be free!! I cannot wait. Study leave has passed so quickly. I hope you all had a good weekend.

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