Woodland and Trees Project

Wednesday, May 29

For my higher photography course I chose to take photo of trees and woodlands. These are the final images I've edited and printed but I have a problem- we can only have 12 final images!!! 18 of these picture won't make the cut and that makes me sad and it's a really challenging task so I would love your help. If there are any photos you really like let me know (via my fancy poll) or even better if there are ones which standout as obviously not as good as the rest please comment. I won't feel offended I promise.
The worst thing about this being the end of my project is I won't be going out on anymore photos shoots with the digital SLR camera. I loved the experience of using the canon EOS so it is definitely on my wish list for the future. If only they weren't so expensive. Your help is much appreciated.

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