Princess Merida Costume

Thursday, May 9

Dress: Ebay (outofgasclothing) Shoes: Newlook Belt: Matalan
I love fancy dress- the whole process of choosing a character and finding clothes I can customize to be a whole new character is really exciting. Sadly, however, I cannot claim this to be one of my successes as my mum did it while I went to the rugby in Glasgow. Isn't she talented? I bought this dress on ebay for about £10 and embellished it with left over gold dress fabric. 

It was for our sixth year leavers party which was loads of fun and too much alcohol was drunk yet again by me. Hopefully going out again next saturday but I'm not sure I can face it. Spend the week 'studying' and trying to recover. Also suspect I caught the cold when I was out too. If anyone has an artys crafts blog or makes costumes too please let me know and I will check it out. 

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