Sixth Year Crazyness

Tuesday, May 14

Sorry for the small picture... This is as big as blogger will let me make it :(
Wish I could have made this collage slightly bigger but here are photos from our last week at montrose academy! We started off gradually with themed dress days.

  • Monday- Geek Day (Still school uniform so the teachers didn't mind so much)
  • Tuesday- Chav Day (Most people were still in school uniform. Some of the girls were pretending to be pregnant but still the teachers didn't notice)
  • Wednesday- Pajama/Onesies (The teachers started to notice, some were really angry some thought it was really funny)
  • Thursday- OAPs (The senior management began to notice and told us we had to go home and change... We didn't)
Muck up day stared on friday- sadly I had an exam so I missed some of it but we really drove the teachers crazy. Firstly we filled the halls with embarrassing bebo photos of the fifth years. We tied up one of the girls and put her in the canteen and covered the room with silly string, party poppers etc. We filled the toilets with gravy and tomato sauce. Lastly we filled the walkway with balloons and that was defiantly the last straw... Our scary, nasty and very angry deputy head threatened us with a 'team of police' you can tell how seriously we took this. We then went out for a huge sixth year lunch at Roo's Leap and when we came back we water bombed the school as it was ending. It was very funny- the head teacher started taking photos so they could get the police on us... but it was raining so everyone was going to get wet anyway. The police were then called. It was an extremely funny day and just reminds me of how much my year has bonded this year. 

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