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Saturday, June 1

Jumper: Primark Skirt: New Look Shoes: Converse
This feels like weeks ago now but I wore this outfit when mum and I went to see guys and dolls which was really good. I love an aztec look for summer but this jumper gives me a bit more warmth when it gets colder at night. My legs are look especially grey here :( I will really have to sort that out. If only i could tan naturally.

Well I did my last exam yesterday so thats me officially done school!! It hasn't sunk it yet. I now have all this time on my hands and no idea what to do with it. I suppose i should get a job but i don't want to be tided down all summer and you can hardly ask for time off when you've just started. I have been reading lots and blog post recently and found a girl who makes her own dresses which is pretty cool so I think I might try that if I can find cheap material. Any ideas guys?

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