Apple Tarts

Saturday, June 15

A few weeks ago I took some lovely photos for a post about bakewell tarts and then when I went to get them to write the post they had gone. Anyone else had this problem? However I had pastry left over and therefore decided to make these apple tarts which were delicious. 

25g of butter 
40g of caster sugar
3 Apples

225 Unsalted Butter
375g Plain Flour
75g Caster Sugar
Splash of cold water

I think you will find this a lot of pastry so I would half it or freeze half for later. As I said earlier I deleted the original photos so don't have any for this step however making the short crust pastry is very simple. Rub together the butter and the flour with your fingertips. Tap the edges of the bowl to bring all the large crumbs to the surface. Keep rubbing until the crumbs are slightly yellow and fine. Then add the sugar to the crumbs and water to form a dough being careful to only add a VERY LITTLE at a time.

I chopped up the apple into small chunks- the size of these 
will depend on the size of your tart tin.

Next I melted butter along with the sugar in a pan to form a syrup mixture and added the apple chucks and left this on a gentle heat for around 10 minutes to cook the apples. 

Mean while I cut out circles of the pastry. I put one circle in the bottom of the tin and then put in the apple filling and then I used the syrup to dab around the edges with a pastry brush to help stick down the lids. Sadly as my pastry had been in the fridge for a while it was hard to work with. I also painted over the top with this syrup to give it a glaze (not sure if it worked though to be honest).

 I then baked them in the over at 180゜for around 30 minutes but keep checking them until they are golden brown. They are delicious!! Ooh what can I bake next? 

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