My Week In Pictures #20

Sunday, June 16

(From top left) Made apple tarts on tuesday. My bus tickets for T in the park have arrived. Made a card for my little cousins to invite them to Grease. Trust my mum to have fancy dancy fake tan. Poster for Greas. Ready for T in the park. Checky wee selfie. Went shopping today. Fake tan- look how dark it is.

Been a super busy tiring week with the show- it was really good and all my family loved it. My aunty said it was the best he had ever seen me in a show. It was a very emotional end on Friday because I'm not even sure if I will be able to go back. I have also made another application to university so hopefully I will hear positive news soon. A new experience for me this week was fake tanning. We were supposed be darker skinned for the dance scene so I didn't have much choice but I do think I pulled it off pretty well. Might do it again (occasionally). Today me and mum went to the shops. Finally :D Was really in the mood to spend money on some nice clothes but I didn't see any clothes I liked. I did however go a little mad in the paperchase sale. I got an exercise book to keep all my photography ideas together, wrapping paper sheets which were only 30/50p which I've cut to fit my 12x12 scrapbook. They also had a really cool rain cape in the sale which is grey and has a tent pattern- perfect for festival rain. I also got some nice underwear to match my prom dress.

Which brings me nicely to the coming week. IT'S PROM ON THURSDAY!!! Thats only 4 days. Eeek I cannot wait. It will be an amazing nice and I have a pretty dress. The school is also putting on a leavers BBQ for us on tuesday so it will probably be the last time I'll be in school. Not feeling emotional at all... haha. We will also get our yearbooks and get them signed by teacher which will be really good. Hope you all have had a good weekend.

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