Grease is the Word

Friday, June 14

Grease is the Word, is the word, is the word...

Such an exciting week this week because I am in my local stage schools production of Grease so I have had very little time for Blogging but I thought you might like to see my costumes. Love dressing up, doing my hair, having my makeup done and fake tanning (duh duh duh). Not the most amazing photography skills from my friends it seems it's only me who can take sharp photos with my snappy camera but here we go anyways.

Skirt: Handmade Blouse: East Cardigan: Matalan
This is my basic outfit and I wear it for most of the show. I love the skirt because it is a full circle and when I spin it comes right out. It is also the most comfy one.

Dress: Vintage Berkertex Shoes: Basic Black Character Shoes (for dancing)

 This is my outfit for the hand jive competition. I love love love this dress and really want one in a size 12. Hint hint... I've looked online but I can't seem to find it. I will keep hunting though! Look at my fake tan too, pretty impressive since I'm definitely not used to it. It has it downsides; because it is a little small it's tough to move my arms.

Dress: Handmade Hat: Handmade Shoes: Shoezone 
Beauty school drop out... Very similar to the outfits in the film there are very embarrassing and when we run (elegantly with out feet pointed) around stage the metal rollers clink like the bells on Santa's sled. 

It a has been an amazing week though. Last night was sold out and tonight is too. Such an amazing atmosphere on stage when the audience is clapping and we are breathless and boiling under stage lights. The best feeling in the world. 

A wop ba-ba lu-mop a wop bam boom!

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