Simply Cook Meal Kit and Recipe Review

Saturday, September 30

I've used Simply Cook when I was a student but that was five plus years ago so I wanted to see if they were still a good alternative to the Gousto and Hello Fresh boxes we order regularly. 

You choose the four recipe kits you want to try on their website and they'll post you them in a box that easily fits through your letter box. Each kit comes with three spice or sauce pots and a recipe card. Unlike competitors like Hello Fresh or Gousto you have to buy the fresh ingredients. 

In some cases I think this could save you a bit of money because you can shop in cheaper supermarkets - plus you don't have to commit to eating all the food in the same week if you've got other plans. 

Teriyaki Salmon Donburi
I love the flavours of a donburi and always order it if it's on the menu so this salmon version sounded great. Plus eating Japanese food gets me excited for visiting Japan next year. It was quick to make and really tasty! Definitely one I'll be ordering again. 

Greek Chicken Gyros
The next dish that caught my eye was the chicken gyros - warm flatbreads that are filled with garlic & herb charred chicken, a zingy mint & garlic yoghurt sauce with paprika seasoned fries. Who doesn't love a meal with chips? I used these pita breads instead of flatbreads because they looked tasty when I was in Tesco. This was a winner for me but the chicken did take longer to cook than the recipe stated. 

Cuban Prawn Pasta
We always have prawns in the freezer and some sort of pasta dish is on weekly rotation around here. The mojo sauce was an olive oil based sauce with garlic, paprika, coriander leaf and lemon, orange and lime juices. Unfortunately, I found the final dish a little dry so I don't think I'll be ordering this one again. 

Crispy Chilli Beef
Who doesn't love a fake away? Crispy beef has always been a favourite so I was excited to try this one and it didn't disappoint. My only comment would be if you were expecting something saucy you won't get it but the beef was packed with flavour and easy to get crispy. 

The biggest downside is that you can't recreate your favourite recipes without the Simply Cook kit so you have to repurchase the next time you want to make something. We have Hello Fresh and Gousto recipes that we make again and again from buying the recipe box once. 

Overall, I think I'll be ordering another Simply Cook box. For our house they'd be best to buy one or two a month to keep in the cupboard so when your feeling uninspired during the week there are tasty recipes on hand that you only need to buy a few fresh ingredients for. 

If you use my Simply Cook link you'll get your first box for free (and I'll get a bonus too). I'd love to know what you think. 

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