My Week In Pictures #22

Sunday, June 30

(From top left) My dog bundi being a bit crazy. It's time I went to currys and got my camera screen fixed. Baked white chocolate and cranberry cookies today (recipe to follow). All my dress needs now is a zip. The first ever jars of honey from out bees. My new denim pinafore from newlook. Strawberry Tart- favorite summer treat. Ahhhh!!! Finally have my T in the park ticket.

It's been quite a crazy week of highs and lows but I can safely say I am much happier this week that I was last. The most important thing I've learned is the truth is best no matter how much it hurts. I've barely done anything this week (yet again). I spent a lot of time reading blog inc earlier this week (a must have for new bloggers!) It has made me much more confident in speaking to other bloggers and I've had some lovely replies for my favorites. On tuesday my dad took quite a sever reaction to a bee sting so off to A&E we went. He is perfectly fine now. I spent ages looking at old photos on wednesday and picked out some to print from snapfish. Went to see my aunt and uncle on Friday which was lovely- and they paid me for some very basic help with their ipad! Not bad. Saturday was spent my nipping into town to pick up my order from newlook and finishing making my dress. IT ONLY NEEDS A ZIP NOW!! My parents went out to a party so I made fried chicken and mash potatoes for tea and a strawberry tart! Yum!!

Well I will have to get a new camera sorted this week which will involve me begging to be taken to Dundee but thankfully the camera is fully insured. Not a lot else planned for this week. Hopefully see friends tomorrow for a bit of a party/BBQ in the woods. I know classy people ;) Hope you've had a good weekend. Please feel free to say hello!!

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