Prom Time

Tuesday, June 25

Dress: Love Struck Clothing. Shoes: New Look. Bag: Vintage. Bracelet: Thomas Sabo  
Look at my beautiful prom dress! I really love the dresses over at love struck clothing and while this dress is no longer in stock I would defiantly recommend you have a look at there other stock. My school doesn't do a long dress and very posh prom. We do drunken parties better but this dress feels more special because of it silky lining and the built in under skirt gave it the flair that I like. Maybe if I had a criticism is that the dress is dry clean recommended- so I wouldn't want to risk it in the washing machine. Also the ribbon could have been stitched in place because it had a habit of twisting. Otherwise this dress was totally perfect; it feels like a more expensive dress that it was- money well spent I think. I'm sure I will be able to wear it again lots. 

Once again I failed to accessorize. Typical me-I will try harder next time. Anyways I opted for my favorite heels and a vintage leather clutch of my mums. I know it isn't quite the right colour but due to money and time constraints I just went with it. Hope I pulled it off!? I love a pink and teal mix so I chose my beautiful Thomas Sabo Charm Club bracelet. It's so pretty, delicate and most importantly to me Light. It added a little final touch of class to my outfit. 

(From top left) Bodyshop: Moonflower (Glitter Powder). Victoria Jackson: Make up pallet. Bodyshop: Lipstick (Sorry it's to worm to see the name but they still have it!) Miss Sport: Mascara. Bare Minerals: Fairy light foundation, mineral vale, warmth and the flawless coverage brush.
Well this is defiantly a new thing for me. When it comes to beauty I don't really put a lot of thought into it. I stick to what I know otherwise I feel like a clown with paint on my face. What I do always wear is mascara. I don't believe you need to spend a lot of money on it and with a cheap one it just involves a little skill to make it look good! I don't wear foundation everyday so when I go out I choose quality and it is so worth it. I would 100%  recommend trying it because even though it is only powder you only need a little and it give a totally flawless air brushed look. Oh gosh I am sounding like the advert but for once it is totally true! Hope you've enjoyed my post about prom! I would love to see yours.


  1. Ooooh that dress is such a gorgeous colour. Hope you had a great evening at prom! I can still remember mine it was a few years ago now though! XX

    1. Thank you!! Oooh me to, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. It will defiantly be a night to remember :) xxx


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