My Week In Pictures #21

Sunday, June 23

(From top left) My new book about blogging. A new twin atlantic CD for my T in the Park collection. Sexy selfie from prom. Started making a dress. Extremely late birthday present from my uncle- never seen a £100 note before. Our yearbook.
Well it feels like it's been a busy week. Went into school on Tuesday to get our yearbooks and have them signed by out friends. Sadly a lot my favorite teachers weren't there so I might need to go back and get them to write in it. On Wednesday I started a new project making a dress. Found it quite hard to photograph actually but it should be pretty good when it's finished and I get some more material.

Then the big occasion was on Thursday! PROM. Sadly Thursday didn't start so well for me with stress about university and the guy I've been seeing decided to be an ass (in the way guys you like can be) so I got to the hotel feeling quite unhappy and not in the mood to go out however we had a really really good night (relevant post to follow later this week). We stayed out until half four drinking and then to McDonalds... We walked from the hotel to McDonalds in the pitch dark and then back in the day light. Night well spent I think. 

Needless to say Friday was spent lazily lying on the sofa because I had zero energy. My uncle also came by for tea which was nice because I've not seen him since he went to America after christmas. I've also watched three film this weekend- the panic room, diary of a whimpy kid and Aeon Flux which helped me keep my mind off bad thoughts. I have also read my new book about blogging which filled my head with ideas.

Firstly I am thinking about changing the name of my blog to "Ginger Claire" what do you think? I've never been 100% happy with my current name. Also I would love to help other new bloggers promote there blogs by adding a sponsors bar at the right hand side so please email me if you are interested. This will be free advertising in return for a badge for my blog on your site. Good idea?

Hope you've all had a good weekend too.

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