My Week In Pictures #23

Sunday, July 7

(From top left) Finally bought buttercup from the beautiful Paige Joanna. New issue of company is out. Read the good thiefts guide to berlin in only a few days- really good book. My new camera. My best friend Beth's birthday present. Had my eye lashes died and my eye brows threaded this week. Went shopping and my wardrobe is three items heavier. My snapfish order arrived. Such a proud day to be scottish!!
It finally feels like summer right?? So nice outside today but instead I was indoors watching the tennis. So worth it as well. Way more emotional than I thought I would be when Murray won in straight sets. I have spent half this week at my aunties which was a well needed get away from the house and of course we did lots of shopping, watching QVC (she is addicted) and eating sweeties. Last night I went out to the pubs to celebrate two of my best friends turning 18 which was really good yet fairy uneventful. 

Only a few days until T in the park!! :D Super excited and I am going to start packing/ learning how to put up a tent tomorrow. Would love to hear any tips as I am a festival virgin. I don't want to spend much more time on the computer today. Going to go catch some evening sun if my hay fever goes away for long enough. 

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