Aztec Print Summer Skater Dress

Tuesday, July 9

Dress: Primark. (Found in a different colour on asos!) Shoes: Newlook. Braclet: Newlook. Neckless: Accessorise. Kirby grips: Primark

Some times in Primark just see something that’s just too awesome to leave behind. It was like this for me with this dress last Thursday. I know in big cities the shop can be chaos so I suppose I am lucky that out local isn't to bad especially mid week but it was the last one in my size which is double lucky I guess. On the unbelievably hot day last Saturday I went out at night to the pubs with my friends. If you saw me I would stand out a mile because my clothes were so bright and relatively covered up!? However I am going to stay this way because I would rather be different that fit into the sluttish style of my town. Not my friends of course.

I did however for a change so a little bit of accessorizing this time with my favorite summery bracelet and a wishbone necklace but once again I don't have a bag!! I really need help with this. What should I do??
The countdown to T in the park is almost over (3 days!!!) So I've been spending my time making lists of things to take, practicing putting up my tent and cleaning my clothes. I am super super excited. Also building up a post before I go about my packing (something I always take overly seriously). Hope your having a good time in the sun.

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