Summer Chinos

Friday, July 5

T Shirt: Zara. Chinos: Newlook. Cardigan: Matalan. Shoes: Newlook
I know some people hate chinos but nothing says summer like a pair of beige coloured chinos. They are also the only trousers I have outside of jeans. A serious problem I have to sort- especially for summer. This was an outfit for shopping a few weekends ago and I like how they can look very casual. It was however glorious sunshine at my house and I only chucked in this cardigan on the off chance of feeling cold but after we had driven 30 minutes into the city centre it was much cooler. I should have made more of an effort to find a cardigan to match but I'm not sure what would. Any ideas?

I have been at my aunties since Wednesday and we have done lots of shopping- spent to much money on clothes yet again. Oops! I will follow with more of an update on Sunday with my week in pictures post. Will be home on Saturday afternoon to go out for a drink for a friends 18th. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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