Denim Pinafore

Friday, August 2

T-Shirt: Newlook. Pinafore: Newlook. Shoes: Newlook

If you've been following my twitter you'll know how frustrating I find not being able to blog when I'm away from home. Hopefully if I get into uni my parents will help me buy a laptop or blogger will design a windows phone app. Hint hint. However when I was away I spent ages typing up a whole post on my phone and some how it all disappeared- I wanted to cry. On wednesday morning I headed to my uncle and aunties and we were able to have lunch outside which was lush and my wee cousins came round for tea in the garden and we danced around the apple tree. Sadly my aunty has a video which is so embarrassing and I look like a giant beside my five year old cousin.

On to the outfit now though- I got this pinafore a few weeks ago and have been enjoying wearing it. It does have its faults though sadly. It is a little short than I would like and maybe wouldn't have picked in up in the shop (I got it online) and it has a tendency to ride up so if you've been sitting you have to be careful it doesn't show your knickers. I do love how versatile it is though- it can be worn with lots of different T-shirts and it also looks nice with a shirt for a slightly more formal look. It's a great colour for wearing dark tights with during winter so all in all I am pleased with this purchase. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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