My Week In Pictures #27

Sunday, August 4

(From top left) Went out for a bike ride on Tuesday. Going out for tea and cakes in markies. Going out for lunch at the carvery. Smiley Claire going off shopping. Lunch at KFC- my fave, Climbing the tower to get a better view of the river. At the unicorn on a walk with mum (a still from a three second video because mum isn't good with my phone) Bought two stripe tops and a skater skirt. 
In stark contrast to last week I have been busy this week. After a very frustrating day in the house on Monday I decided I should do more with my life so on Tuesday morning I got up and went out on my bike in the morning and a walk with mum in the evening. On wednesday I went to visit my aunt and uncle for a few days with I wrote more about in my outfit of the day post on Friday. Saturday was spent tidying in my room and we also went out on a walk. 

Today though mum and I went to the shops! Not been in quite a while and it was great to do something with her. I love her so much. It was hot in the shops today and we were done earlier than dad was ready to pick us up so we went for a stroll around the city quay which is quite a pretty yet deserted part of the city. Standing looking at the old ship my wee cousins walked up behind us. So weird to see them there out of the blue but very pleasant. 

This week could be an amazing week or one of the worst of my life. I feel very very sick right now at the thought of my exam result and 'if' I will find a place at uni. I want it so badly it hurt and I can't cope any longer. Hope you've all had a good weekend! Wish me luck!

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