Floral Tops and Leggings

Tuesday, August 13

Top: Newlook. Leggings: Newlook. Boots: Newlook. Handbag: Amazon marketplace. Hair Pins: Primark. Sunglasses: Primark. Scarf: Vintage.
I am always in leggings so I'm not sure why they don't feature more on my blog. I didn't really what a bad state these ones are in when I put them on so I will defiantly need a new pair now! Can't go around wearing leggings with holes in. Always promising myself I will do more outdoor photography but never get the time. Just yesterday I was heading outside to take some photos when it started to pour. Another thing, how do you stop yourself from squinting when it's sunny. My eyes just feel so sensitive.

This top has been in my wardrobe for ages and reflects the style of a slightly younger me but I still love it! It has a boho look which is very in style this summer and the blue really suits my ginger hair. In winter I can wear it with a turquoise t shirt underneath. I do love clothes which can be worn for more than one season. If there is a choice between a scarf or a neckless I will always opt for the scarf mainly because this top is quite low and also I just love the way a nice scarf feels! Hope you all have a productive week! 

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