Family Dinner

Thursday, August 15

Top: M&S. Skirt: Newlook. Shoes: Newlook. Scarf: Newlook.
Oh dear... It quickly appears I am becoming a walking advert for newlook! I just have so many of there clothes for two reasons: one, they are great quality and a style that fits me perfectly and two, it is the only high street shop in my small town so all the girls have vast amounts of clothes from there. Anyway they are a great brand so I will continue to dress from their shops! Some times I feel a little self conscious when I go into the shop incase the staff realise I am dress entirely in their stock! This skater skirt is a recent purchase, when mum pulled it out from their sale rail I was struck by the colour. It's so bold and me; I just love it! The heels are old and worn now (think I might have to chuck them- sob!) but they are quirky and a great hight for a bit of shopping and dinner. Never feel fully dressed until I am wearing a pair of nice heels.

On Monday our little family did something we never do- we went out for tea. All four of us went in the car together for a little bit of shopping and then out to tea at the Dundee Contemporary Arts restaurant. It was a favorite of our ever since we were little- I love their chips with piri piri seasoning.  It was a sort of end of holiday thing because my brother was going back to school on the Tuesday but of course I am on an endless holiday at the moment until I get something sort. Please Dundee University offer me a place. Just need some good luck!!

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