My Week In Pictures #29

Sunday, August 18

(From top left) Went out for tea on Monday night, I had black pudding tart for a starter and mushroom and olive pasta for a main. Cute letter from my geography teacher about my exam result. Before and after shots from the hair dresser- anyone else hate their fringe for the first few days its cut? Before going out last night. Came home tipsy to watch transformers 3. Outfit of the day today! 
Looking back at my pictures maybe this week has been busier than it felt! Started of on monday when we went out for tea and a bit of shopping before hand. I also did an outfit post for that day. You can check it out here. Been out walking almost every night this week too which is some well needed exercise. Got my hair cut finally on Friday and I can see again!! Yesterday one of my friends had a little get together because she is leaving for her gap year tomorrow. It was so good to see my friends again and here all their tales on the holidays. Roll on next weekends party.  Today I went out with my aunty. We went to the craft shop and out for tea and cakes before going out for tea with my uncle and brother. It was really nice too.

Still waiting for good news and praying to Dundee Uni. If they knew how badly I want to a place they would give it to me. I have such a passion and would do well if they gave me a chance. My mum and dad are getting a friend from london for a few days so we are going to Edinburgh and I'm sure there will be bother things planned too. Going to be a fun week and hopefully a busy one! Really feeling part of the twitter blogger community so give me a shout @gisforgingers Hope you've all had a good weekend! 

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