My Week In Pictures #30

Monday, August 26

(From top left) Watching butterflies in the garden. Put new film into my very first camera. The delicious sandwich I had in edinburgh botanic gardens. Been watching game of thrones again. Made pasta for lunch on Friday. Made my best friend a collage in the initials. Cheeky selfie before going out on sunday. Made an apple tart titan on wednesday (which broke up on serving!)

I am especially excited writing this weeks post because some how my little blog has found a few more followers, which I am so grateful for every one whole, decides to read my weeks ramblings! Today’s post is a day late because I got back at about half eight last night from an 18th and was fairly tipsy so I decided that it probably wasn’t the best time to write a post. For a change this week has been quite busy, mum and dad have a friend from London staying so on Thursday we went to the Edinburgh fringe (post to follow later this week).On Saturday we went to the bee keepers heather picnic- eating tea and drinking tea in a truly beautiful location who can ask for anything more? Finally to finish off my week I went to an 18th BBQ yesterday at my best friends house. It was roasting when we got there and we were able to sit in the garden all day- it was bliss! Also had a few Kopparbergs (and strawberry tarts!)

I have of course spent too long on the Internet again, partially twitter and taking part in the blogger chats I really feel part of the community and have found lots of new blogs to follow and my blogs followers has grown too, bonus! In the light of this positive news I have decided to offer advertising in September and see how it goes. Check out the tab at the top of the page because prices are VERY low. I also created a blogger badge which is in the sidebar- would love to hear your feed back! I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and have a good week.

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