Red Tulips Denim Dress

Thursday, August 22

Dress: Red Tulip Jacket: Newlook Shoes: Newlook
It was pouring with rain while I curled my hair and got ready to go to a garden party last saturday. One of my good friends left for her gap year in south africa today so it was a little celebration before she left! I picked this dress up in TK Maxx for £1! It has a rip in it and the zip had managed to detach its self but it was nothing that a simple bit of sewing and patching couldn't fix. I liked it because it was different from my other dresses and when I tried it on I really liked the shape and feel of it! A great purchase from a brand I'd never heard of and can't seem to find online! Would love it if someone could send me a link! As you may have noticed I have done some rather uncharacteristic styling with this piece and teamed it with my baseball jacket. I thought the grey colours would tie in nicely and it would fit with the whole grunge look. What do you think?

Made a decision after taking these photos that the bare minerals foundation (fairly light) was not the colour for me and took it all off and put on light instead and I was much happier! If anyone has any ideas what to do with this product, swaps or selling it please let me know. I do love their foundations though and would defiantly recommend them to anyone! 

When you are reading this post I should be walking around the edinburgh fringe taking the slights and sounds of the festival- and taking lots of pictures of course! 

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