How to wear: River Island's Denim Shirt

Friday, September 13

I've never done a post like this before but I love reading them so here goes. A priority for me when buying something is the amount of things it will match in my wardrobe. If an item of clothing only goes with one thing then it's not a great investment. I didn't actually buy this shirt for myself- it was a pre birthday gift from my mum but it's a perfect example of something that is versatile. I would normally wear something like this with my leggings but because it isn't fitted it can make me look wider than I am!

Skirt- Newlook Shoes- M&S
Classic with a skater skirt- this feels the most natural way to wear the shirt and it goes with all of my skater skirts. It perfectly overcomes the problem of it not being fitted with the skirt pulling it in at the waist. This is my perfect autumn look and the shirt is nice and warm. I wore it with my black and white skirt in this post.
Playsuit- River Island Shoes- Newlook
The denim jacket- because this is a slightly more heavy weight shirt it makes a good jacket on a summer day. I think rolling with the sleeves give it a more relaxed feel but maybe thats just me.
Dress- Matalan Shoes- Newlook
Fitted denim jacket- this one combines the previous two looks with the fitted look being more feminine. It was inspire by a photo on tumblr and I instantly thought 'thats a great idea; why didn't I think of that?' It goes great with all my summer dresses and I love it. I also wore it with my mint green dress in this post.
Jeans- H&M Boots- River Island
Double denim- I'm not actually very sure if this is a look I'm a big fan of but decided to try it out. This is the only look out of the three I've never worn out but looking at this picture I quite like it so I might try it out on a rainy autumn day. Anyone else ever feel like they are going to become untucked all the time? Yeah me to.

This week I've made 0 progress with my future yet again. I need to start looking for and applying for jobs but for someone who lives in the country (middle of no where) it isn't easy get started. I've also no idea where to start with a CV so I've been putting it off somewhat.


  1. Because I love your blog I have nominated you for the Liebster Award

  2. I love outfit number 1! Lovely post x


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