My Week In Pictures #33

Sunday, September 15

(From top left) The birds in the nest on my window are all grown up and will be leaving soon. Make chorizo and bean stew for tea on wednesday. October's company arrived- LOVE all the autumn styles. Printed some tips for writing my CV for tomorrow. Hmm mum made a delicious raspberry dessert. Wedding invite for my cousins wedding arrived. Watched the sapphires last night with mum- it was really really good. Oh no... I've got addicted to sims again.

After a busy hour with the lifestyle bloggers chat I thought I should get this weeks post typed up before I get to tired. Tonight's topic was about if you should always keep blog posts positive. I think you should because no one want to hear all my moans. I would be interested to hear if you disagree. I don't like to moan or get others down just because I didn't get into university and am drifting apart from all my friends since I've left school. I guess you find out who your really friends are (hardly anyone actually).

So after my super busy weekend last week I stayed in the house all week. Emailed the uni I want to go to about getting a place next year but I've not heard back yet, also printed some thing about writing a CV so I will do that tomorrow and start looking for a job... Not sure I'm looking forward to it but I've got to do something. Also done a few posts for my blog incase I do get busy soon. 

Going to do some shopping with my aunty next week while my brother is away on his duke of edinburgh at the start of the week and then we are going out for tea on friday  (so they can see my brother too) So hopefully something more positive next week. Hope you've had a good weekend too.


  1. Sometimes reading negative posts is good, makes you feel less alone when you are feeling the same! And it might feel good to get it off your chest :)
    I fear a Sims relapse too now you've posted the picture!

  2. Nice pictures♥

  3. omg the sims, don't even get me started on that! i adore that game

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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