My Week In Pictures #31

Sunday, September 1

(From top left) Having a bath is such an autumn/winter thing to do. Finally finished a clash of kings- becoming a game of thrones addict. Made triple chocolate cookies on Thursday. Dan eating sponge. Practicing my honey sponge for the dundee food and flower festival next weekend. Out on a walk with my boys.
It does seem like the only positive thing in my life right now is my blog. Not having a university place is really getting to me now and it's hard to keep being optimistic. However some how my little blog has found lots more followers- hi guys! So I've not really done anything of note this week apart from being on twitter and taking part in blogger chats (how good are they btw). It is properly feeling like autumn now in scotland. The wind is so noisy outside today so I've been baking again. The triple chocolate cookies were from a recipe on Amy Scheepers blog 'Fancy Pants' and were totally delicious. I have also been practicing my honey sponge so the dundee food and flower festival next weekend so I hope you'll all wish me luck. 

Once again I've not got much planned for the coming week-just see how it goes. I really hope to get to the beach with the dogs with mum feels like it. It is the flower festival in dundee next weekend so we will go to that and hopefully I will get a prize for my baking. My uncle is also having a BBQ (hopefully it's sunny) so we will be there next Sunday so the week in pictures post might be a little late. Hope you've all had a good weekend. 

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  1. University isn't everything. I know it feels like it is at the moment, but there are other ways to get into the career path that you want, so don't give up just yet! I've just taken part it my first bloggers chat, and that's how I found your blog - keep at it. Looks like you've had a lovely week too :) x

  2. Awesome pictures!
    I follow your blog via bloglovin,if you want check mine out :D

    have a nice day!♥

  3. Found your blog through twitter's blogger chats, love your blog! x


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