Wild Strawberries

Tuesday, September 3

Dress: McCall's Pattern No. M6646 Shoes: Newlook Braclet: Newlook

I am super excited to show you this dress because I made it myself. I have a very talented mum who can make dresses and has made me four christmas dance dresses. So at the start of the summer holidays I decided as I had loads and loads of time I would make one myself. Sourcing material is the hardest part and after looking on lots of places online it all seemed very expensive but I got lucky for once in my local craft shop. I think this wild strawberry pattern was only £4 something a meter. I've never seen anything like it before and I think it makes for a very unique dress.

I first got this pattern in december 2012 for my school dance dress (mum made the pink one in the bottom right hand corner) but I always fancied making the one with the little cap sleeves but with the short skirt. It wasn't as tricky as it might first appear because the instructions and very clear and there was only a few bits I had to get help with (particularly putting in the invisible zip). This pattern was also a great buy because there is at least six different dresses you can make with it so if your looking for a good investment this is it.

I finally got to wear it out to my friends 18th on a particularly hot sunday a couple of weekends ago. It was in the garden so the pattern was very well suited. I was also thinking of wearing it again at my uncles BBQ this coming sunday with black tights and my new maroon/red blazer (an impulse buy on ebay last night). I hope you all love it as much as I do.


  1. I tagged you in the friendship tag :)


  2. wow! you made this yourself?! that's crazy, its so bloody gorgeous! well done you! very talented, must've got that from your mum? you look really pretty, the dress suits you so much! x

  3. Clever you, this dress is gorgeous! I'm always saying how I wish I could make my own clothes, I think I should learn. Your hair is a gorgeous colour by the way xxx

  4. Can't believe you made this dress yourself! It's beautiful! You have a lovely blog too :) xx


  5. This dress is gorgeous! I wish I had the talent (and the patience!) to make one similar!

  6. This dress is so nice! it fits you perfectly ! wish I could make my own dresses :( x

  7. This dress is so nice! it fits you perfectly ! wish I could make my own dresses :( x


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