My Week In Pictures #36

Monday, October 7

(From top left) A little selfie before going shopping. My lunch at the DCA on Sunday. This fortnights graze box. Ohh the new company arrived totally unexpected. A package from grandma. Sundays Primark haul.

So I this is officially my first post on my new macbook!! I wasn't expecting it to come until Tuesday/Wednesday so when it came this lunch time I was over the moon. The past week I didn't do a lot apart from prepare for my uni course which will hopefully start soon. I also got a package from my grandma (months after she said she would send it so I'd given up hope) with a lovely floral maxi dress (I posted a pic on twitter) and my fave Kate Moss perfume which was a lovely surprise. The most exciting thing that I did happened on Sunday. Finally I got to go shopping and was able to see Primarks new autumn/winter range. I fell in love with so many things but as I am in the poor unemployed bracket at the moment I didn't spend to much (considering doing a little bit of a haul video but not sure if I have the confidence.) We also had a yummy lunch out in the DCA and I had soup (carrot and lentil) and chips which were really good. I honestly cant think of anything else that happened this past week... Maybe this is enough for today's post. Sorry its a little late but our Internet has been appalling slow recently. Hope you had a good weekend to. 

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