I'm just going to have a pyjamas day...

Saturday, October 5

As I spend more than 50% of my time in my jammies I thought it was about time they showed up on my blog. I drive my parents mad by staying in them as long as I can- some days not even taking them off. I find it very relaxing not to have to worry about what I will wear or put all that effort into showering, drying my hair and look presentable when I just don't have to. I also just bought a onesie- I was unsure all last winter but when I saw this primark one on ASOS I knew it was the right one for me.

Certain events in life cannot pass without a new pair of jammies- my birthday, Christmas but I also get a new pair every time I go on holiday (I'm not the only person?) Not that I am hinting or anything...

Top- Next. Bottoms- Primark
 One of the first things you may notice is all my pyjamas are from primark (apart from this grey top) because I think they honestly do the best ones for the price. These rose ones are my favourite because they are made of a lovely soft brushed cotton and are so comfy to wear. Also look at the gorgeous colour.

Jumper- Bottoms- Primark
This leads on to my second obsession- checks. I don't wear them anywhere else but I cannot resist a nice pair of checked/ tartan bottoms. All of my jammies are some what mix 'n' match because I either didn't like the matching top or I just didn't have the money to buy it. In winter I often wear this light weight golfing jumper because I can't stand being cold in bed.

Top- Primark (clothing section). Bottoms- Primark.
 I bought this set in a rush because I had gone to my aunties and left my jammies behind and needed some quickly. Sadly the bird print doesn't show up so well but it is really pretty.

Top- Primark (clothing section) Bottoms- Primark.
More autumnal colours in this one and very on trend for this season but I bought these tartan bottoms years ago and they have lasted me really well. They are a similar material to the previous ones so and soft and warm too.

And this is my onesie- isn't it cool with it's Aztec prints? They are my favourite summer pattern so why not wear them in autumn/ winter too. I'm not actually going to wear this in bed because I would over heat but it is very soft and warm for wearing around the house when it gets cold. So far I can't fault it- another great buy from primark but it was even more helpful I was able to buy it online from ASOS.

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