My Week In Pictures #39

Sunday, October 27

(From top let) A lovely sparkly clutch for the wedding. I have my own domain name!! Painted my nails to match my dress. My Photo Booth pictures from last night. The wedding pudding. Wedding selfie.
Well I've made progress with my own little space on the Internet by buying a domain name on a bit of a whim on Friday. I have been thinking about it for a while but thought it was expensive so when I saw how cheap GoDaddy was selling them I couldn't resist. The only bad thing about it is I've lost a great number of my comments (any chance of some new ones? hint hint). This past week I've been trying hard to study more and I also started rehearsals for jack and the beanstalk (the panto we are doing in december). I felt old going back to song shop because there is a lot of 2nd years that have just started (about 13/14 year olds). However, I love it too much to let that put me off. It was hard work because I've not done that much exercise in ages but I'm sure it will get easier.

On Saturday my family went to my cousins wedding. It was a lovely day- and they had a Photo Booth at the reception!! I don't want to talk to much about it now because I am planning a post for later this week.

I've not got much planned for Halloween week apart from lots of studying before going my first uni tutorial on Thursday. I am nervous because mostly I don't want to seem stupid in front of strangers. It's been a while since I was last in Aberdeen so I will take the chance to do a bit of solo shopping. Hope you've had as good a weekend as me.

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