Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' (Christmas Hampers Edit)

Wednesday, October 23

I've not done a wish list post in ages but after having a look though the Christmas Hampers on the John Lewis website I felt inspired to show you what I fancy. After the tree and buying presents the main part of Christmas for me is food. You might have noticed that I am a bit of a foodie, it's not just baking, but I live in a house where we all appreciate fine quality foods. 

1. John Lewis Star Stacker Hamper £35. 2. Bake Your Own Gingerbread House Kit £15 3. Jelly Belly Selection Hamper £30.00 4. John Lewis Family Fun Hamper £200

The first one I picked, I will admit, caught my eye mainly because of the lovely boxes it comes in. I mean what sort of a girl can resist some cute storage. This one would be perfect for those that like a little indulgence during Christmas and love snaking as much as I do. Also the dark hot chocolate shot sounds like heaven for me.

Last Christmas before I was a blogger I attempted to making a ginger bread house... It failed miserably! The biscuit was too soft and the house wouldn't keep its shape and it just collapsed and cracked. So I thought this little kit might be the perfect thing to give it another go. (links to helpful blog posts welcome).

Hmmm jelly beans... Need a say more? We've all tried them. They are a delicious treat with assorted flavours, bags and boxes, this hamper is ideal for sharing with friends and family.

Okay this last one might be a little pricey for the average person but it does contain a lot of food and a sneaky few bottles of wine. Who could say no? It also has chocolate uno- for a massive chocolate fan and a girl who loves uno this sounds like an amazing game!! 

What are your favourite Christmas treats?

This post has been sponsored
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 this hasn't affected my opinions.

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