Can You Hear the Bells?

Friday, November 1

Dress: Handmade (McCalls pattern no.M6466) Coat: Chilli. Shoes: Dorothy Perkins. Clutch: Local boutique. Neckless: Vintage. Hair Pearls: Dorothy Perkins
Last Saturday my big cousin got married in Solsgirth House. It would be fair to say that my family (mum, dad and Jamie) were apprehensive about going because we wouldn't know anyone (and there certainly wasn't anyone my age I knew) but we shouldn't have been so worried. The bride and groom decided to have a humanist ceremony (I'm sure you can google it) but it is basically not religious but celebrating who we are as individuals. It was really relax and quite informal which was a nice touch. The bride was late by over half an hour though but she looked so beautiful! Wedding dresses are so individual some people love them and some hate them but she had my perfect dress. Tight fitted and a long train with lots of beads and jewels on the bust.

The first thing I would say about my outfit is the tights were not that tanned (silly camera flash). My mum made me this dress for the 2011 christmas dance and I couldn't wait to wear it again. The fur coat is maybe a little much but I honestly didn't have anything else to keep me warm and when I found out we would be in a marquee at night I couldn't go without something. My mum also did my hair- she is so talented and I am so lucky!

We drank lots of champagne before a delicious dinner. If I can remember we had haggis and tatties, a spiced squash soup, lamb and vegetables (I actually don't eat lamb but Jamie does and I enjoyed the veg) and a yummy chocolate mousse. At the recaption they had a PHOTO BOOTH!!! I have some really funny pictures stuck on my wall which I will always love. Also met my dads cousins and to be honest I'm not sure why I haven't met them before they were lovely. We had a really good night.

P.s. I might add more photos when/if my uncle emails them to me but I could wait to post this outfit!!

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