October Sponsors

Saturday, November 2

This is my first monthly sponsored post and I can't wait to introduce you to these lovely ladies and I hope you will have a read of their pages because you will love them as much as I do.

Polly Pocket Beauty is a beautiful blog which, as well as beauty posts, is filled with fashion and lifestyle posts. Cara has a lovely famine style with pretty prints. I always love how are outfits are perfectly styled and accessorised (I am jealous). If you are on the look out for a new blog to read have a look at Cara's blog.

The Happy Cactus is a beautifully simple shop so named because cacti are the only house plant the owner Ari Pepper has been able to keep. She sells a mixture between lovely handmade bags and stunning photographers from her home in the deep south. Defiantly worth a look.

It's not to late to get advertising spots for november and if you buy november now I will give you december for free. Email: gisforgingers@hotmail.com for all the info.

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