Make Up Done, Clothes On & Out The Door

Tuesday, November 12

Shirt: Primark. Shirt: New Look. Shoes: M&S
This outfit is nothing special and was put together a few hours before I went out to the pubs on Saturday night. I picked this shirt up about this time last year for £5 in primark and have only worn it about twice. Still making the price per wear pretty low however I like to find different ways to wear things. It is an old skirt too so it didn't cost me anything new which is always a bonus. I like to keep things to autumn/dark colours in winter- is it just me? I am still planning to buy skater skirts in every colour. They are so easy to style I just love them.

Currently my hair is really annoying me. I really don't know what to do with it and will probably have to go to the hair dresser soon. My fringe is now past my eyes which is good progress. Does anyone have any tips for growing out your fringe?

There isn't a lot to report about the night out. I didn't drink that much but it was nice for the whole gang to be back in town together. All of my friends are now 18 so no one is left out and my best friend came down from Glasgow to surprise me. Looking forward to some quitter night out soon. It's difficult to keep up with lots of people when we are all out together.

I would really love some feedback on my latest posts. You guys have been quite quiet and would love to know what you think of my posts?

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