My Week In Pictures #41

Sunday, November 10

(From top left) Watched the dark knight rises. Decembers company is out!! Finally put the front of my dolls house together. This weeks graze box. Outfit planning for Saturday night out. Pre-drinks selfie.
I'm beginning to wonder the worth of these week in pictures post since I got instagram (ginger_claire) because you can see almost all of these pictures there but it's the diary element of my blog I enjoy so I will keep it up for me. All together it has been a fairly quiet week. Been really unmotivated for uni work and have done the bare minimum. I did get 19/25 on the assessment today so it can't be all bad. I've been to five and a half hours of rehearsals for jack and the beanstalk which have really been putting a strain on my limbs. Couldn't pick up things from the floor for days. The dances we are doing are so much fun though. On friday night I went out for tea with my aunt and uncle before they go back to spain for three weeks. It was great to have a chat and get out of the house. I love having an excuse to put on nicer clothes and do some make up. The life of someone who is at home all the time.

Last night I went out to the pubs with all my friends. Since uni has started I haven't seen them all together so it was great to have a catch up. Having a few drinks while trying to save my money and having a laugh with the girls and seeing the guys was amazing. My best friend came from Glasgow to surprise us all. I was almost in tears I was so happy to see him he is amazing- I've never loved someone so much! (soppy alert!!!) You can see a bit of what I wore above but I will be doing a full OOTD later this week.

The other exciting news is I got the name of my blogger secret santa- I suppose the person who has me will be reading this so hi! I am super excited to find out what she likes and buy her something really lovely. It is my dads birthday tomorrow so I better go and finish his birthday card before we go to our neighbours for tea. Hope you've had a good weekend too.

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