My Week In Pictures #40

Sunday, November 3

(From top left) Made a yummy thai curry for tea on wednesday. Made more carrot cakes for a baking post later this week. My pumpkin needs a face life now!! Asos and other magazines for reading in bed. Starbucks pumpkin spice latte- a halloween treat. Helping my aunty choose onesies for my little cousins christmas. Web nail effects for halloween. Mini primark haul.

Feeling quite pleased with my blog work this week. I've posted three times with an outfit post, what I wore to my cousins wedding and introducing you to my first lot of sponsors (it's not to late to get a spot for this month just send me an email at

Can't believe its only been a week since last sunday it feels so much longer. The start of this week was mostly spent studying ahead of my first uni tutorial on Thursday. I was so nervous about going somewhere I didn't know on my own but it all turned out okay. I got the train much earlier than I needed too so I could figure out which bus I had to get- I then tried to look round some shops for an hour but I couldn't enjoying it because I was so nervous about getting the bus (country girl here). Long story short I made it just in time and it was interesting. I then spent all afternoon shopping.

Had quite a quiet weekend baking, watching strictly with mum and chilling in front of the fire. Still pretty disappointed I didn't have a halloween party to go to but worse things happen and I'm going to the pubs next weekend for a friends birthday. Hope you've had a good weekend.

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