A Casual Uni Days Outfit

Friday, December 13

Dress: Primark Jumper: Primark (male section) Boots: River Island

It is feeling like I don't post enough outfits on my fashion blog. I defiantly don't get out enough but yesterday I had a tutorial for my module in Aberdeen so mum came up with me so we could have a girls day afterwards. My tutorial only lasted an hour and we agreed to meet at 1pm but I got disorientated and lost... (I know I'm very silly) after twenty five minutes of wandering one of my friends googled it and told me where to go. We went for a quick lunch in a cafe before going to the cinema to see CATCHING FIRE!!! It was so good but way more emotional than i remember the book being. So glad I finally got to see it in the cinema. 

After the film we went to a few shops- I got something for my secret Santa and a Yankee candle tart but that was it. I was very tired and for once not really in the mood for shopping (shocking I know...) it usually mum who wants to go home first but we had a lovely time. I did however fall in love with a gilet in newlook and the jammies in Fat Face were amazing! Fingers crossed for Christmas. 

On to my outfit- it is the same denim dress from primark that I wore in one of my recent outfit posts but this time I paired it with a cosy knitted jumper. I just love the look of collars under jumpers don't you? I actually used to wear this jumper to school but I feel like it has been long enough that I can wear it casually again. It also goes really nicely under my denim pinafore so I might do an outfit post about that as well.

What do you think about this outfit? If you leave me a comment from below I will return the favour on your blog :) 


  1. Cute outfit :) i love layering collars over jumpers! Xx

  2. I love your outfit, and you're very pretty! Matching a skater skirt with a jumper is a great idea!


  3. you have such lovely hair! and that jumper looks super comfy :)

  4. Real cute outfit!!! :)



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