Teapigs Review

Thursday, December 12

Similar to most British people I love tea and drink a lot of it every day, usually it is milky with no sugars. We (my mum and dad) always buy our lose left tea from our local independent tea shop but when I was offered some teapigs* samples I jumped at the chance to try some. The only type of herbal tea I've tried before now was peppermint tea (which I love in the summer).

Last week their mao feng green tea, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers and lemon ginger arrived in the post. I decided to try the green tea first because I've never tried green tea before and I can safely say I won't be trying it again. I could only have one mouthful but this isn't a reflection on the teapigs tea just my dislike for the taste.

Moving on I decided to try the lemon and ginger tea. The packet says "It may be chilly and grey outside but this all natural gingery lemony brew will sweep you away to a British summers day" and what could be better for the weather we have been having? It was delicious too and the smell was just heavenly. Will defiantly have some more of this in the future.

I have also tested there peppermint leaves which were equally as good. It is "fresher and finer than any teabag mint you have tasted before" this is because it has whole mint leaves in it which give it a lovely flavour and smell. 

After browsing there website I cam across there spiced winter red tea for Christmas which I really want to try (going to look in tesco for it tomorrow) and it has really positive reviews from other bloggers (always a bonus for me).

All the tea I was sent retails at around £3.50 for 15 tea temples (are are super cute too) which is a bargain at only 23p per cup!! Can't get better than that really.

 Teapigs can be found at: Twitter | Facebook | Website

Which teapigs have you tried and can recommend?


  1. oh my gosh I love tea pigs, I got a sample at a blogger meet up and I fell in love! I definitely recommend the berry out (forgot the name oops) but soooo nice!

  2. I've always wanted to try some different types of tea (well, more than just iced tea) and I think I'll try teapigs!


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